Keynote Topics

Are you ready for isaac?

Over the past decade our everyday life has changed with the rapid adoption of multiple lifestyle evolutions, primarily driven by technological advancement and mastery. Are hundred-year-old industry institutions ready to engage and service the modern consumer?

We take an investigative journey through the eyes of Isaac, the digital native that embodies the generational shift of cultural, behavioural and technological changes that are shaping the expectations of the modern consumer.

Exposing the cognitive zigzags of mind that lead to the formation of consumer beliefs and attachments. Investigating the impacts these have on consumers services, and how institutions in the 21st century need adapt their approach or face the same disintermediation already witnessed in other industries.


  • Learn to identify and ask the right questions of the market signs that are disrupting industries
  • In depth understanding of the realities that shape the modern consumer

Innovation wars

Over the past decade the corporate world has been in awe of the transformational innovation coming out of Silicon Valley. Small but brilliant ideas have disrupted traditional industries, empower new; business models, consumer sets, and digital economies. Corporate executives are now feeling the very real threat.

Silicon Valley’s success is based on some simple frameworks around capability, context and the customer. Frameworks that can unleash the powerful resources corporates have at their disposal. We take a journey through the four pillars to successful innovation, context, culture, capability and collaboration, unlocking the potential of the ‘intrapreneur‘.


  • Learn the secrets to Silicon Valley’s success
  • Learn the capability frameworks that your organisation can leverage
  • Leave with key questions to ask of your organisation, as the first step towards a culture of innovation.
  • Simple practical tools for you to implement immediately


From Buzzwords to Boardroom

We are seeing a number of organisations initiating projects around these 3 ‘B’ words purely for the sake of getting on board the buzzword bandwagon. This
is adding a considerable element of risk to their business. Adopting a new technology then trying to find a problem to solve is a dangerous approach which works in the wrong order. We need to start with uncovering problems then finding technologies that are the best fit to solve them, not the other way around.

We will help your organisation to understand Blockchain, Bitcoin and Big Data and demonstrate methods for finding ‘fit for purpose’ approaches to these and other emerging technologies


  • We now have a world of digital and cryptocurrencies - we will explore these and further forces of disruption fuelling the digital transformations in modern enterprise.

  • Big Data on its own is meaningless without analytics - we will show you how interpreting and using the data is at the heart of its impact.

  • Simple frameworks that help navigate the hype, and a practical opportunity assessment of how emerging technologies such as Bitcoin, Big Data & Blockchain affect your organisation and industry.