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The Future Consumer Is In Front Of You

Over the past decade our everyday life has changed with the rapid adoption of multiple lifestyle evolutions, primarily driven by technological advancement and mastery. Are hundred-year-old industries and institutions ready to engage and service the modern consumer?

We take an investigative journey through the eyes of Isaac, the digital native who embodies the generational shift of cultural, behavioral and technological changes that are shaping the expectations of the modern consumer.

Exposing the cognitive zigzags of the mind that lead to the formation of consumer beliefs and attachments. Investigating the impacts these have on consumer services, and how institutions in the 21st century need to adapt their approach or face the same disintermediation already witnessed in other industries.


  • Learn to identify and ask the right questions of the market for signs of industry disruption

  • In-depth understanding of the realities that shape the modern consumer


This keynote can be customised across the following three topics:

  1. Digital Citizens  - examines national trends, politics, smart nations, smart cities.  

  2. Digital Consumers - how do we service to the next generation consumer

  3. Digital Workforce - how do you hire, attract, retain and incentivise millennials? How to build a workforce and culture where they thrive, HR talent, attraction and retention strategy. Perfect for Human Resources, Learning & Development and Culture departments of any organisation.


This keynote can be customised for specific briefs covering an array of emerging technologies including Blockchain, IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, Cloud, FinTech, Millennials and Smart Cities by taking a practical approach on how leaders can understand and apply these technologies with proven techniques.

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Uncover The Competitive Innovation Edge

Innovation Wars dives into the competitive nature of innovation in the modern organisation, to uncover the secrets to driving innovation success.

A decade of technology driven progress has triggered a global shift in leadership practice, driving new demands on organizational capability, culture and design. Leading organizations around the world leverage the power of Customer Centric Design and Lean Startup methods, out pacing their corporate peers in the battle for future markets. Innovation Wars is your guide to market success in the battlefield that is corporate innovation.

Greater than 65% of corporate executives see innovation as the key to unlocking new value, new markets and harnessing the power of new technologies. But not everyone succeeds.


  • Investigation in the competitive battlefield that is innovation. Who talks the talk? and who walks the walk?

  • What are the strategic lessons from those that drive success?

  • What are the frameworks, tools and key infantry that you will need to drive innovation in your organization?

  • Simple practical tools for you to implement immediately



  • Developed for organisations that are in the early stages of their digital innovation and transformation journey. How do they start to develop innovation like the Amazon, Googles and AirBnB's of the world. 


  • Created for HR audiences and senior executives. 
  • This keynote demonstrates that vital to the digital and innovation journey of any organisation is establishing a cultural transformation. A challenging task that requires structured planning and the deployment of programs to drive education. We look at how to create and mobilise champions as internal catalysts for organisational wide adoption. 


  • This topic is customised for COO's, CFO's and Heads of Innovation - and explains how to understand the ROI for innovation and digital. Includes a deep dive into the mechanics of measuring early stage ideas as a portfolio. That portfolio is to give them future strategic options for their business.  
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Connecting with the untethered consumer

No longer will the consumer be tethered to a television, computer screen or a physical place when interacting with businesses. Mobility is a game changer, it's not just about the device, it's about the entirely new eco-system of services and empowerment the device and connectivity enable.

The rapid growth of mobile accessibility around the world has created immense new possibilities, based around a device that we have a deep personal connection with. We look at how the mobile device has and will be the catalyst for change as industries are forced to shift away from the idea of a ‘place to do business’ to an anytime, anywhere, always-on culture that has already hit billions of people and continues to sweep across the globe.


  • Learn to understand how the consumer modality shift impacts your organizations’ outlook

  • Leave with key questions that organizations should be asking themselves, and their customer base


It is based on the best selling book ‘Mobile Ready’.  

Fantastic relevance to media and telecommunications industries.

This keynote help leaders understand the mindset of a mobile centric consumer.  How they use mobile technology as a key part of a service or product of a corporate (or anyone trying to connect with a market primarily over mobile devices). Eg: a large Brand launching a new app or mobile centric offering or transforming a legacy business into an app or app eco-system.    

It prepares a leadership team to understand that the decision making process around market, commercial and engagement potential requires a different approach than it did under their traditional business model.