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Mobile Ready: Connecting With The Untethered Consumer

“Hurry up and read Mobile Ready to make your business mobile ready. Plus, it’s a damn good read.”
- Shel Israel, Forbes & Co-Author, Age of Context

Whether you're Coca-Cola selling soft drink in Botswana, or Unilever selling shampoo in the United States, mobile will evolve the rules of engagement in your industry before this decade is out. There can be no doubting the ever-rising relevance of mobile. With over 6 billion mobile devices globally, an entire new ecosystem has been created that binds us all together, changing the mindset and behaviour of consumers. The amount of time and money people are spending on mobile devices is growing rapidly and yet many businesses don't understand the mobile consumer. Nor a plan to capitalise on this tectonic market shift.

Mobile is not about the technology. Mobile is about behaviour, context, and utility. When you embrace this, technology as an issue disappears. No longer are you talking about operating systems, hardware, or device features. Instead you’ll focus on the elements of mobile that always supersede the constantly redundant mobile device world. A consumer behaviour centric view of business and markets.

Mobile is a brave new frontier for the majority of incumbent businesses. It’s a big step forward in rethinking your engagement with customers, suppliers, and your workforce. It’s an inevitable transition in a world where brand engagement can and does happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enjoy the journey into a world without physicality, be more open minded, and learn to embrace the future of your business.

Is your company mobile ready?

“Far too many businesses still don’t grasp just how different the modern consumer is. Empowered by vast amount of information and 24/7 connectivity, consumers behave, interact and assimilate in entirely new ways. Business leaders must adapt with new business models -- with new mindsets. Mobile Ready is your guide for that journey.”
- Brant Cooper, Author, The Lean Entrepreneur

“Scott has written an entertaining and highly accessible handbook for mobile strat- egy. Beyond superficial platform differences, Scott's essential guide to mobile universe is for everyone who needs big picture understanding: CEOs, Directors, Product Managers and everyone in between. Scott debunks the most insidious mobile myths and shows how to make the most of mobile platform by teaching how to "think mobile". Read this on the flight from SFO to NYC and get off the plane a mobile strategy expert!
Highly recommended”
- Greg Nudelman, CEO Design Caffeine & Author Smashing Mobile, Andriod Design Patterns & Lean Mobile UX

“The book has interesting insights on the use of mobile away from the technology and focused on the consumers. We often tend to forget that it is the consumer who drive the evolution of all technology and in many cases helps drive the usage as is the case with mobile. The book is an easy read and I am delighted on it being thoughtful, innovative and practical.”
- Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, Mobile Marketing Association APAC

Innovation Wars Book

Innovation Wars: Driving Successful Corporate Innovation Programs

Innovation Wars confronts the emotions of innovation and explains how innovation isn’t really about new ideas, but about the people who execute them.
The modern economy brings a multitude of challenges for organizations. Digital culture has taken over as a prime driver of consumer behavior, startups are continuously disrupting traditional industries, and organizations are going out of business as a rising number have announced intentions to launch innovation labs or partner with nimbler organizations. The economy has evolved into a battlefield, full of attempts, failures, and successes.

Innovation Wars provides new business designs, new tools, and new frameworks for today’s leaders to steer their organization towards success. Technology guru Scott Bales looks at the models of successful organizations, mapping out a strategic roadmap to success with a fresh take on the nature of innovation. He guides business leaders through a journey of self-reflection on their way to experimentation and value proposition discovery. Readers are given practical tools they can apply in their current organization to reduce the guess work in strategy and market success. They learn to do things the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon have done time and time again: harness the power of their voice to find new ways to solve old problems and unlock market frustration.

Innovation Wars Book
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